Saturday, March 5, 2011

Druid CDs, and Spirit of Redemption ftw?

In the recent patch notes one of the changes to Malfurion's gift were to lower tranquility's cooldown by 5 mins putting it on the same 3 minute cooldown as Power Word: Barrier and Aura Mastery.  This has scared many resto druids into thinking that Tranquility is meant to become their promised new "cooldown."  Derwent over at Feral Tree and Beruthiel over at Falling Leaves and Wings have pointed out why this would not be the solution to druids lack of a strong CD at all.  A castable barskin would not be a good option either since no one wants to sacrafice a personal defensive cd (plus the pvp balancing reasons).  So in trying to think of a damage reduction cd for druids to gain that would fit with the theme with the class I came up with 1 idea.

NewDruidCooldown (creative name eh?)
Calls on the spirits of nature to reduce the damage taken by the target by 40% and healing for x amount every 4 sec for 16 seconds, every time this ability heals the damage reduction is reduced by 10%

This fits with the druids hot nature while still providing strong mitigation.  There's also an interesting tradeoff here to make it different then pain suppression.  The 40% damage reduction only lasts 4 sec, but overall you have some form of damage reduction for longer then other abilities along with some healing to compensate.

So last night my priest (still in entry level heroics gear ilvl 332) managed to get in on a baradin hold pug.  The other healer (a paladin) was wearing full pvp gear (it was viscious at least) and had 80k mana raid buffed, while I was at a whopping 70k raid buffed.  After 3 wipes on trash due to people not grouping up, I was not too confident in our abilities to finsih it.  With 15 secs left we make it back in the instance we are getting the warning this instance is going to reset soon. We run over to argaloth buff up and pull, and madness insued.  I run oom at about the 2nd fel fire and pop everything I can to make it a lil longer but then at about 10% the pally dies, and I run completely dry with no cd's left.  I get the magic debuff you have to dispel and die... then I came back as the spirit of redemption and start spamming heals in desperation....

And we kill him!

I was so excited! I ended up with 1.9mil healing done to the pallys 2.1mil and I did all the dispelling.  Sadly nothing for me dropped but I think it was a great experience and confidence booster!  I also finally managed to get enough time to complete a few heroics, excited for when real life will let me start raiding!

Oh and congrats to Alleiia my best friend's newly 85 mage, he dinged her at my house.

Happy Healing all!