About Me

Hello everyone my name is Alex and I am 18 years old.  In real life I am currently in high school waiting to finish out my senior year so I can go into college where I will be majoring in computer science.  I am a wrestler (won kiwanis award in wrestling), a former football player, a cross country runner, and I am an avid gamer.  Due to my busy schedule (with all my sports, jobs, school, etc) I can't play enough to reach the kinda goals I want to reach.  I would be a hardcore raider min/maxed to perfection if I could, but sadly my daily 2 hour or less (very often less) play time at random times won't allow that.  So I spend a lot of my not in game time going around reading blogs, and searching through forums.  When I do play I am most likely working on one of my alts or my main holy priest Tamek on Doomhammer (US).  I made this blog to talk about healing because it is my favorite role in game, but also to talk about my life and all things wow related.

Feel free to email me with any questions at healmore.wow@gmail.com and do not be shy about commenting on any of my posts.

Happy healing all!