Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Heal Part 1: Is healing the role for you?

Hello everyone this is Part 1 of a series I'm going to start as a basic guide (will get into advanced stuff near the end) on healing!  Part 1 is on whether or not healing is for you.

Can you handle staring at this for the entire encounter and keeping them all alive?

If your reading this I'm assuming you either just want to read it or hopefully your planning on rolling/speccing into a healer!  Congratulations you could soon be a part of the most unique role in the game.  Before you do that though, It's best to make sure that healing is a role you will enjoy.

Helping others/support
This is one of many peoples favorite aspects of healing.  Your whole job as a healer is to keep others alive. While you may not get all the glory this way, you can get personal satisfaction knowing that you are doing a great job supporting the team in a vital role.  If your the kind of person who likes to do what they can to help people, then that'd be a great sign that healing is for you.

No set rotations or prioritys, Constantly changing
One of many peoples favorite aspects from a gameplay standpoint is the nature of healing.  There are no rotations, no prioritys, and everything is constnatly changing.  Being a good healer is about knowing which spell is right for the job.  Being able to juggle all of your different healing abillities in an effecient manner is your main responsibility as a healer (besides keeping everyone alive obviously).  The reactive and proactive variations along with the you decide on the fly, makes healing very appealing to people seeking a different playstyle then the simple priority systems of dps and tanking.  The same pulls can change dramatically with group composition, and other factors keeping it from getting stale to many healers.

As a healer you will often times get the blame for when people die, even if its not your fault!  This is part of the responsibility of being a healer, a large part of every single pulls success is on your shoulders.  To some this is a boulder, to others it is a challenge they try to live up to.  If you can handle some responsibility and like meeting or exceeding the expectations others place on you then healing will appeal to you.

Short ques/High demand
Hey for some people its a big deal.  Healers have pretty short ques in the LFD system (not as short as insta que tank but usually not bad).  Healers are also usually in demand, while a 25man raid may need only 2 tanks they will most likely use 7 healers.  If having short ques or being desired for raid spots (depends on your guild) is something you want in your role, healing can provide. 

Having your own style
Healing is one of the few roles where stat values, specs, and playstyle is actually subjective to your healing style.  This uniqeness available to you is very appealing to some people who hate being pigeonholed into certain combinations (although variations usually aren't huge).  For example:  Resto shaman can make valid arguements for stacking haste, crit, or mastery all depending on their raid comp, style of healing, heroic or normal modes, raid size, etc.  Healing is the only role where you can develop your own style and base your gearing and spec off it and be optimal (with some exceptions of course, I don't care who you are if your a holy priest your taking chakra).

Unique Gameplay
Healing is the most unique role in the game.  Healing is the only role without a set priority system and the only one not focused on damaging the enemy while surviving.  Healing can provide a totally different perspective of the game for new or long time players.  As a healer you also have to handle all mechanics in most fights, providing a greater overall understanding of the encounters.  This unique experience is the most enjoyable role for many people, including myself. 

So if healing sounds appealing to you, then stick around for part 2 "Choosing the healing class for you!"

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Happy Healing All!