Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Facebook Generation a step towards the future, or a step back?

As a current highschool senior I'm old enough to understand a few things about my generation (not necessarily me, but I'm sure some apply).

Nothing is ever enough
We always want more, the newer bigger toy, the fancier phone, whatever it may be we all want the best, and even if we get it we want more then that.  

Partying is cool (this one's definantly not me, but I know mannnyyy people this applies to)
Shows like Jersey Shore, The Real World, and the like have sadly become the model many teenagers are trying to become.  Suddenly, being that "bad boy" or that "bad girl" who goes out and breaks all the rules and gets drunk is really cool, while the boy or girl with the 4.0 headed to Yale is lame (no that's not me).  I've seen so many people try and brag about how drunk they were or how many girls they got, because that's the stereotype that goes with  popularity now a days.

Working sucks, being lazy is better
So many kids cheat and find the lazy way out now a days its ridiculous.  One of the things I've told the parents of the kids I coach is that wrestling will help them learn how to work and work hard.  The coaches won't let you have an easy way out (and trust me people try) so you just get used to doing it the hard way and working as hard as you can.

Appearance is everything
One of the reasons why Facebook is so popular is because it allows you to publicly talk to people (wall posts/comments) where everyone can see to give yourself a certain social status.  This is also why girls will wake up at 4am to get ready for a normal school day, and groups of kids always wear the same brands, its part of "fitting in" to them.

Some of these are part of the reason my generation has earned the nickname "The Facebook Generation."  With the constantly advancing technology that we've grown up with, and the increase in cell phone and mobile technology, many kids (including my girlfriend) have constant access to facebook and other similar social media sites and check them almost constantly.  Studies have shown that 47% of kids under 18 talk more over text and other chatting methods more then in person.  So this leads me to the question, is this advance in technology and thusly social behavoir a step forward or a step backwards?

A step forwards
While this advancing technology may change social structure it could be for the better. Being able to interact with people from all over the world at all times can broaden children culture and teach them about the world. Not to mention the usefulness of having constant internet access everywhere (google saves lives ya know).  Also these new forms of social media has lead to people being able to interact with others easier and more often then ever before, in some cases building strong relationships or friendships that will last them a lifetime.

A step backwards
With this constant access to social media, some experts worry that real life social interaction will soon become outdated.  I know many people that are great to talk to while texting but in person just can't seem to be the same person.  This has also led to an increasing focus on social appearance leaving those who have different styles or personallitys doomed to whatever they appear as.

So obviously everyone knows that times change but in recent times technology has advanced faster then ever before.  This increased technology has sent ripples and changed culture entirely with it. 

I'd love to hear anyone's opinions on this guys so feel free to comment

Happy Healing