Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekly Update: Spring Break Edition

So this post is gonna be short cause I'm pretty busy.  Also don't expect a how to heal post tomorrow since I've been too busy to make it, I'm sorry everyone :(. 

On Real Life
Well been pretty busy today.  Woke up had to talk to people to find someone to fix the computer, and then hammer concrete for 4 hours.  Yes I hammered concrete for 4 hours, and I'm not even done.  The day got better later though since I got to go to my girlfriends house.  I also saw Battle for LA which was a great movie!  It reminded me a lot of Blackhawk Down if you have ever seen that.

In Game 
Got quite a few heroics in on my priest, and managed to break the 2k passive spirit mark!  In another heroic or 2 I should be able finally get exalted with hyjal and get my cord of the raven queen, and also buy a new justice point robe to replace my green ilvl 318 one.  Also leveled up my druid a few more times, it'd help if I could ever get an instance at the start to pickup the quests though!

In Jumping
Potentially found a new trick jumping team on Halo Reach to join!  Checkout http://jumprs.org/ if you are into halo trick jumping, or even halo at all.  In sad jumping news the long time (7 years) hangout website for all of the jumpers is going down april 6th.  I'll have a memorial post (yes I'm serious) about that site on or near that day.
That about all for today sorry everyone.  Tomorrow I have to paint, and finish hammering the concrete so wish me luck.

Happy Healing!