Sunday, March 20, 2011

Disruption of Doomhammer Needs You!

Hey everyone just joined a new guild today named Disruption on Doomhammer (US).  I'm gonna copy and paste the recruitment post from the forums, please if interested go to and apply on the forums.  Ranged dps are highly wanted right now!

We're Disruption, and we're looking for YOU to join our group of raunchy, lewd, yet fun and family oriented guild! We've been around for the past several years, with many of us here since Day 1!

Whatever you enjoy doing, we can help you do it better:
-PvE: Former hardcore Raiders looking for a more relaxed atmosphere
-PvP: looking for others to run Arena teams or rated Battlegrounds
-Casual: player that just wants to have fun, yet have access to a guild and all the perks associated with it
-Alt-itis: bring all your alts to the guild, for all the leveling and crafting perks!
-The 'family': Mom is a raider, Dad is a casual crafter, and the kids love to PvP? NO PROBLEM.

Whatever you want to do in WoW, we think we're the place for you.
Apply now at
Or talk to one of our officers: Slyph, Amarathine, Runesavan or Karenna

'Recruiting' video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3 (If you have a weak stomach, look away):

For potential raiders:
We have currently downed Argaloth and Magmaw

-We raid M, W, Th 8pm-11pm server (10pm-1am Eastern)
-We are primarily looking for DPS at this point, to fill out or 25 man raid team, but we're more than happy to bring in anyone who is willing to be patient through even the worst night of wiping, and still have a sense of humour
-We expect that you will have at least heroic dungeon/reputation gear at this point, and be properly enchanted/gemmed. If not, we have wealth of knowledge, and are more than happy to help you!

Not quite there?
-If you'd like to raid in the near future, but aren't quite there yet, we can help you!
-We have a helpful core of players that are always willing to run dungeons/heroics to help gear up...helping each other out makes the guild as a whole stronger!

Once again to apply, come and join the fun with me!