Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Update: Madness in March

It's been a crazy crazy week for me, and I'm sorry I haven't posted.  I have had a lot of random stuff happen, I've been busy, and I had some internet problems at some points.  A lot of cool stuff has happened though, and its almost time for that magical time of the year...

March Madness

Heck yea!  I'm not even a big basketball fan, there is just so many good games its unreal!  I'm pretty excited for this year, I currently have Syracuse, Conneticut, Notre Dame, and Utah State (yes Utah State) in my final four, with Notre Dame beating Uconn for the championship.  I'm probably not right though, since I never do good with my brackets.  What I do know is this year the Southeast region is going to be what makes or breaks your bracket.  There is a lot of good teams in that region and no clear dominant team (Pitt is inconsistent and has a history for choking in the tournament).  Look for Belmont (13), Utah State (12), and Old Dominon (9) all to be higher seeded teams that should pose a legitament threat. 

If you read last weeks update or some of the other posts you would know that I coach elementary school wrestling.  Well yesterday we had our city championships and I coached my first ever city champion!  It was his first year wrestling, and he just fell in love with the sport and worked extremely hard every practice to get better.  I am unbelievably proud of him, and he came up and thanked me for everything after.  It really was a rewarding feeling, and I'm excited to coach again next year. 

On WoW
I didn't really have an opputunity to play much this past week.  I managed to level my druid to 33 (was 28), and finally got him exalted with Darnassus for my nightsaber.  I also did enough Alterac Valley Call to Arms to get the healing heirloom mace.  That is really about all I managed to accomplish this week though sadly.  I guess I also figured out that low level paladin tanks don't like speccing into Sanctuary (their uncrittable talent), luckily though I had 290 spell power and 3k mana at lvl 32, so I managed to get through it.

In other games
I don't believe I have ever talked about it on the blog, but I used to be a Halo trick jumper (search Jump Vision on youtube my gamertag was XTR3MEST).  I have recently been trying to get back into it with Halo: Reach and have been jumping in that a little bit.  Hopefully in the next month I'll have enough landed to release my next video.  I have also been working on a Halo 3 launching video with one of my friends that should be pretty revolutionary for Halo 3 multiplayer launching, so that is pretty exciting too.

On the Blog
I got a comment!  I haven't been real active on here this past week though, and I'm sorry for that.  How to Heal part 2 should be out tomorrow though (expect those on Wensdays they take a while to write and get all the links for).  I also have kept up a few consistent views and have a follower now so this is all great news.  Hopefully soon I can develop a community here and have some quality content for everyone to discuss, look to.  I think I might just need to come up with a breakthrough post that just draws a lot of attention to really pick up the views/comments, so hopefully I'll come up with one soon.

On Life
Same old same old really.  I am done coaching, still in school, still looking for a job so yea its all about the same.  Spring break is coming up next week though, and the senioritis bug is kicking my butt.  It used to be if I didn't do an assignment it was just cause I was too lazy too.  At this point I have senioritis so bad that I won't even remember its assigned so I won't do it.  My grades aren't getting dragged down too bad though so everything is ok so far.  I'm excited for college and classes that are more meaningful to me though.

On Programming
I was too busy with schoolwork and coaching and everything to even post on the blog much do you think I had time to program much?  Learning Java is still on my to do list and may have to get pushed back til later on in the year. 

EDIT:  I was playing on my druid earlier and won the Scarlet Crusade tabard!  This was pretty exciting for me, since I'm an achievement whore and am collecting tabards (have 9 at lvl 35).  Here's the picture, good luck to any other achievement hunters out there!

Feel free to ask me anything or email me!

Happy Healing!

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