Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Tips for Resto Druids to get Dark Intent

Recently Jar over at r4healingtouch confirmed that you get a 9th tick of the new effloressence at the same point as wild growth.  This makes getting that 2005 break point an extreme increase in thoroughput, or 1573 with Dark Intent.  So I thought I would make a list of tips to try and convince that warlock to give you Dark Intent.

1) Promise to let him lifetap as much as he wants, and keep him alive
A great way to start, promising to keep him alive no matter what goes down should be a good incentive for him to buff you.  Make sure you keep that rejuv rolling on him!
2) Go cat form and /purr
Awwwwww kittens are so adorable, give him those cute little kitten eyes and he will be powerless to resist
3) Go Bear form and growl
So cute and adorable didn't work?  Go ahead and try turning into a big scary bear and intimadate him into it
4) Go travel form and run around him
Here your just trying to annoy him into it, run circles around him unitl he gives it to you
5) Pretend to be hunter alts pet
Every hunter in the worlds dream is to tame a druid, why not pretend to let him do it on an alt!  Just go bear form or cat form and /follow him and auto attack whatever he does!
6) /flirt
This works especially well if your a Night elf female (if your a worgen female go human form... unless their into that kinda thing).  Go up and give them some moves, soon they will be powerless to resist (you can even take them to goldshire inn pre raid if you wanna make things interesting).
7) If he's dressed up as pirate go aquatic form
Everyone has seen the people who transform themselves into a pirate, if your warlock is doing that then go aquatic form so he'll think your a sexy mermaid!  Hey it worked in real life (thats where mermaid myth came from, sailors so desperate they thought manatees where mermaids), and who wouldn't wanna buff a sexy mermaid?
8) Talk about how awesome he is in trade
/2 Oh man *insert warlock name here* is so awesome, he's the best warlock on the server for sure, none of you guys can even compare.  He was doing 30k dps back in ICC and now hes trying to break 100k he's so great.  Once he's flooded with all the whispers about how awesome he is how could he not buff you?
9) Promise him a brez
Sometimes people die, it just happens.  Whether its old age, or standing in void zones at some point its gonna happen.  So if promissing to keep him alive didn't work, try promising him a brez.  Sure another healer or tank would be more important, but this is your hps were talking about damnit!  Everyone's looking at recount and you wanna look good.
10) Threaten with death
Finally if the whole "I'll make sure you live, I'll even brez you" thing didn't work try threatening them with death.  Make sure you communicate with your other healers (tell them he was saying mean nasty things about them behind their back) so that he happens to die on any encounter with unavoidable aoe, til he gets the message. 

With these tips you should have no problem getting your warlocks to give you dark intent and dramatically increase your healing power!  If you want more exact numbers check out Jar's post at the top, and warlocks remember Resto Druids love you!

Happy Healing all!


  1. I really like this article on why warlocks should share this awesome ability with the likes of us druids. Especially considering that it works best when cast on someone that will be supplying a steady stream of DoTs or HoTs. Moonkins and treebeards come to mind instantly, but probably because those are my two main specs.

    When I am running with a warlock in party whether guild/friend/or pug I do my best to convience them that my class would be the best benefactor of this ability because of the near 100% uptime this will provide us both, and as an added bonus who doesn't want more haste.

    Any way thanks for the post, if I get an pushback on why I deserve Dark Intent this will be getting linked ingame.

  2. I'm glad I helped you and hopefully you can help convince your Warlcoks to give it to you!

    Thanks for the feedback its very appreciated