Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly Update: The First Edition

I decided in an attempt to get some regularity in some posting I would start having colums i would try and run on specefic days, and for tuesday i decided I would do kind of an update on whats going on in my life in game and out.  Also I have realized that posting everyday will not work long term, and may try and cut back soon to every 2-3 days.  It will depend on what ideas I have to write about, I don't wanna post something unmeaningful/not useful for no real reason.  Plus I want to start working on a basic healing guide for all classes (later parts would go through all specefic classes, and then an advanced concepts part) and this will take time to work on.  So if I don't post for a day or two don't worry.

In Game
My priest hasn't really been worked on since the BH run, but I also haven't played much in general.  I have played my resto druid some though, and managed to hit 25 with him and promptly bought the swiftmend glyph.  I am loving my druid and am really looking forward to continue to level him.  One thing I have noticed though is that the talents/abilities don't really work out well for resto or feral tanks.  For resto you have everything you need essentially (I have rejuv, nourish, and regrowth for exmaple), but my problem is that I get revitalize in the 30s (triggers replinishment when using lifebloom), and malfurion's gift in the 40s (procs omen of clarity off lifebloom), but I don't get lifebloom until level 64!  This is just kinda frustrating cause one of the major parts of the playstyle (keeping lifebloom rolling, omen of clarity procs), and a major regen component isn't available until lvl 64 even though the talents are in the 30s and 40s.  Feral tanks have it worse though since they have no real aoe until 36 and not even a multi target attack until 25 (maul glyph).  This makes the low level instances a severe pain with a feral tank, or playing as one I'd assume (I'm resto, gonna be resto/boomkin so i don't know how feral tanking is personally).  Oh well though I'm sure I'll get over it soon, and it'll make me really try hard to hit 64 soon too.

Real life
Nothing really knew me and my girlfriend still together, senioritis is kicking my ass though.  I am in AP (advanced placement) English, and every senior at my school has to make a scrapbook thats 50-100 pages long about various topics that also includes 20 essays.  The problem is in AP English that isn't your homework thats just extra stuff thrown ontop and with all of my other classes its really bogging me down.  I also find myself totally uninterested in all of my classes, I'm not too worried about that being an issue in college cause the atmosphere is totally different and the schedule doesn't kill me as much.  Plus I'm generally interested in some of the things i'll be learning in college while in highschool I'm just not.  I scored a 29 on my act with a 34 in reading comprehension but have a C in english just because I can't get myself to comit to doing all the work.

On the blog
So a big pickup in views yesterday which is great!  Still not getting any comments but thats ok, I'm sure eventually I will start getting some.  I'm gonna be posting around on different forums and things of that nature so feel free to pop in anywhere and say hey.  Also if anyone has any questions about healing (or even in general about wow), or blog topics they want me to cover feel free to email me at healmore.wow@gmail.com and I will answer the best I can (if i don't know answer I will look up).  Also I realize holy pally's are the only class I haven't discussed a lil at least so I will try and post about them soon.

I have elementary coaching tonight.  Two pracitces left and 1 tournament then I'm done, but i have to say I will miss it.  Coaching is a great way to gain a new perspective and genuinely help and impact some kids, so I would like to say to everyone don't be afraid to get involved in coaching any sports.  Those overtime matches will be the death of me though.

I haven't really programed much in a while, but I plan on teaching myself Java soon.  I wanna become a computer software engineer and figure teaching myself some of the basics before college will help a lot in my understanding then.  I've even thought about writing a wow addon (a simple one) just as a kind of project that would be a lil more fun then making the computer count to 1000
In python that program is
x = 0
while x < 1000:
       x = x+1

Stay tuned for potential healing guides coming up soon, and feel free to email or comment!
Happy Healing All!

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